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Remote working is here to stay.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Covid-19 has certainly helped to push the work-from-home movement. However, even before the pandemic, knowledge workers across the globe were slowly shifting towards remote working. Organisations were moving incrementally towards the new ways of working. Leaders had to learn to let their guard down and put more trust in individuals. Those individuals also had to adapt and learn to cope with the self-regulated discipline required by working from home.

It is now important to understand that, in this new normal, despite working from home, we are not alone. On most of us the change came unexpected and sudden adjustment to our work style was required. There are lots of benefits that comes with it (bye, bye commuting!) but also lots of challenges.

Here are simple tips to tackle working from home:

1. Establish your work corner. It really helps to have a dedicated workplace where all is set up and ready for you each day. It's ok to go away from your desk too every now and then. Often your balcony or garden can look more tempting, and that's ok. take advantage of mobile technologies.

2. Routine is important, set and stick to your rules. The line between your work and personal life can be blurry and this can lead to stress! Keep a clear track of your work hours and boundaries. You can take advantage to set your work times and breaks when suits you, but remember to stay on top of your tasks to avoid working late at night. Remember, when your work day stops - stop working!

3. Get dress for work! Never, ever work in your Pj's. Getting dress will help you to feel organised and ready to rock! You may feel like you can ditch the work dress code outside the office, but be mindful of your appearance in front of the camera. Also, don't forget that body language works the same way online and offline.

4. Remember that technology helps, stay in touch with your colleagues, ask for help when you feel stuck or simply keep a social discussions going. Throughout the day there is always time to concentrate and time to chat, collaborate and interact with work comrades. Stay connected!

5. Take breaks! Remember to move, take breaks. Be kind to yourself. This is, in fact easier said than done, unfortunately working at home means that we are moving significantly less. But it is possible to set yourself a time to go for a bike ride or little walk during your work hours. Grab a coffee and go for a walk before your day starts, it will help you to get into a right state of mind. There is nothing better than fresh air and movement.

6. Most important - relax! Try to concentrate, get the work done and relax. Everyone has good and bad days, acknowledge that sometime you may not be as productive as you would be in the office environment with support and colleagues. However flexible it may seam, working from home and dealing with various distractions can be really challenging. Be realistic about what you can achieve giving the circumstances. Remember, your mental wellbeing is most important of all and crucial for better work performance.

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