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  • Dagmara

‘Frutti’ - modular furniture concept.

Contemporary interpretation of public seating. Suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces, available in a range of colours and configurations.

My idea was to create organic shaped groups of seats and bring colour into urban environment. Seats can be different shapes and sizes to accommodate one, two or a group of people to encourage interaction between strangers. Inspired by nature this design aims to play with human perception by taking the person into a different dimension, seeing everything from an ants perspective, admiring its berry like character.

First prototype took shape in 2008. Made of resins and stainless steel supports.

The idea has been previously presented in Wroclaw, Poland at the BWA Design Gallery and later on at the National Design Festival in Lodz in 2009.

I believe the concept can be evolved and developed further in either functional aspects as well as its contemporary nature. I'd like to think this could help to encourage research across design and technologies by taking inspiration directly from environment bringing it into our urban space.

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